How Special are Grandmothers?

Today is Easter Sunday. Whatever your beliefs it's hard to argue that this is the perfect time for rebirth and new beginnings. So what an auspicious day to launch my site and write my first blog entry to share with you.

First, a story of how my love of making began. My sister and I have a uniquely special grandmother. She was always encouraging us, trying to focus us on improving our health and wellbeing. For me, this in particular meant encouraging my passion for making things with my hands, which began when I was very small. She sacrificed the walls of her crumbling house as a shrine to my creations - little salt dough shapes painted with children's glitter colours and blue-tacked across every square inch of her lounge room. Long summer holidays were spent weaving wreaths from the grapevines in her backyard, and winter rainy days indoors where once again her rooms fell prey - this time to junk craft games such as peg dolls shot off a string line with rubber bands, and marbles rolled across the carpet aimed at targets cut into cardboard boxes.

Our grandmother is now in her early nineties and still champions our passions. A couple of years ago I reassessed my work life balance and began attending a community ceramics studio as the wise old lady watched on observing my progress. My days have gotten busier of late, with a full time job on the other side of town taking me away from home longer. However, laying those important foundations of work life balance back then has seen me maintain my clay making, even joining a second ceramic studio, and on another weeknight learning woodcarving. Whenever I learn a new skill my Grandmother is one of the first people that I'll share this with, so that I can enjoy that warm praise that can only come from a grandparent.

Lots of Love,

T xoxo

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